New For 2020

HP Carbine Semi-Auto TD Assassin

HP carbine custom model has been upgraded from HP semi-auto Carbine air rifle. We upgrade the Aluminium air tank to Carbon Fiber air tank Maximum pressure up to 300 Bar. The HP Carbine custom air rifle is nearly 0.8 LBS lighter than HP Carbine original set. Total weight amount is only 5.5 LBS. With a 13 inches precision barrel, the barrel’s length is the same as the carbon fiber air tank’s . After folding the stock, the whole rifle’s length is only 20 inches, and you can put the rifle into a small back bag easily. With our removable high performed suppressor, noise can be effectively reduced to nearly 70 dB during shooting.But it is powerful, when shooting .25 Cal 25.38 Grains pellet at 950 FPS and delivering 50 FPE energy for over 40 good shots.

Focus on these features, 5.5 LBS, 20 inches, 50 FPE shooting over 40 good shots, extremely quiet and semiautomatic shooting air rifle. Can you believe it? AEA surprises you all the time.


Caliber:                      .22/5.5mm cal  .25/6.35mm cal
Mass weight:                  5.5LBS
Cocking system:               side bolt handle
Barrel:                       13inches
Folding length:               19.5inches without silencer
Magazine:                     12rd in .22cal
                              10rd in .25cal
Air capacity:                 450cc
Air cylinder:                 carbon fiber
Max safe filling pressure :   4500PSI
Semi-auto working pressure:   2100-3500PSI
Shots per fill:               55+ good shots in .22cal
                              40+  good shots in .25cal
Muzzle energy:                40fpe/55 joules  in .22cal
                              55fpe/70 joules in .25cal
Velocity:                     1050FPS with 18.3gr  .22CAL  pellet
                              950 FPS   WITH 26  gr    .25CAL  PELLET
OPTICS RAIL:                  11MM DOVE RAIL



  • Tactical & Air Cartriage & Replica
  • Light Or Bullpup Or Floding
  • Semi-Auto & Fully-Auto & 3-Burst