Traditional structure of single hammer, which can ensure sufficient air capacity and endurance without sacrificing the function and center of gravity of the man-machine. The classic operation of the hammers is safe and incomparable. There will never be a lot of reloading errors. It can also complete The free handover of the excitation state and the safety state by single hand. This structure can also bring high shooting accuracy. If you want to experience the ergonomics balance leisure shooting and excellent sense of fun. NOMAD will be a good choice. It can also shoot arrows after changing the tube.


velocity:  .177 1300FPS  10  GR                                 
                  .22  1100FPS  14.3GR
                  .25  900FPS   24  GR                                  
You can adjust to 900-950FPS with right weight pellet
max energy:   50ft/67joule
Barrel Length :20"-24“barrel
change barrel shooting arrow
300FPS with 270GR arrow  
3600 psi max fill pressure
Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 70 yds away
Mass weight: 6.3LBS with 180cc culinder &18” barrel.
                         7,2LBS with 280cc cylinder & 24”barrel.


  • Pellets & Arrow Launch