Terminator is arguably the most powerful semi-auto air gun in the world

The standard model adopts the classic traditional structure. It uses a special customized air cylinder. It solves the disadvantage of the similar products in the market before the center of gravity deviates after the capacity of more than 300CC, while maintaining a good grip can ensure sufficient endurance and power, storage to the perfect center of gravity. Air regulator with a new hammer structure could be achieved absolute precision, as well as high air utilization. Special power regulator has a great sense of handle. If you are a traditional lover, it will be your best choice.


velocity: .177 1300FPS  10  GR                                 
                  . 22  1100FPS  14.3GR
                  .25  900FPS   24  GR                                  
You can adjust to 900-950FPS with right weight pellet
energy:   40ft/52joule
magazine: .177 14shots
                  .22  12shots
                  .25   10shots
Barrel Length :18"-24”
High efficiency hammer system
Externally adjustable hammer system
300cc-350 CYLINDER
air regulator
4500 psi max fill pressure
Integral shroud
Mass weight: 7.3lbs with 18’ barrel.
                  7.8lbs with 24” barrel


  • Long Range & Benchrest & Target