Terminator (.357/9MM CAL SEMI-AUTO PCP)

Terminator is arguably the most powerful semi-auto air gun in the world

We adopt the front and rear double cylinder structure, the whole gun has 700 CC air tank, if there are special requirements can be extended to 1000CC. And the rear cylinder is a pressure dis-assemble structure, so customers can equip some spare cylinders to meet the demand of a 9MM semi-automatic air gun’s air consumption With 10 rounds magazine, the overall design is simple and reliable. It is relatively light and has high accuracy.The Integral muffler can effectively controlthe loudness so that you can’t feel that you are taming a monster which can hold the big game hunting.


velocity: .357 950FPS   82GR
                  energy:   160ft/220joule
magazine: .357  10shots      
Barrel Length :20-24"  barrel
700-1000cc tank
Single shot ,semi autom free switch. 
Removable bottle with pressure
3600 psi max fill pressure
Mass weight :8.2lbs
Integral shroud


  • BIG BROE: .30CAL TO .82CAL
  • Semi-Auto & Fully-Auto & 3-Burst
  • Tactical & Air Cartriage & Replica