WASP (High performance pcp pistol)

The most powerful .22 pcp pistol in the world

The new air route design allows the pistol to get the maximum air capacity and barrel length while maintaining the main length. Power and endurance can break the market rules. In Under 22 caliber, the amazing 40 joules (30FT) can keep more than 20 shots at the same time. If change to the common 16 Joule (12FT) energy ,the emission of nearly 60 times can be completed. Both the kinetic energy and the endurance are outdistance the same products in the market. The hammers design is classic,safe and have high precision..  The easy - to - operate power regulation structure allows the kinetic energy from 0 to 40 joules could adjustment easily.


Velocity: .177 1100FPS
                  .22  1000FPS
Energy:     30ft/40joule
Barrel Length :12" barrel
Integral shroud 
single hammer 
150CC cylinder
3200 psi max fill pressure
Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 55 yds away


  • Light Or Bullpup Or Floding
  • Pellets & Arrow Launch