Bencherest Grade FFP Rifle Scope.

AEA Airgun Company is not satisfied with purchasing standard accessories already
available on the market, because these accessories can only be chosen and we can't control
the quality of them.

So we found a professional rifle scope company. We specialize in customizing
the rifle scope that are most suitable for PCP with different levels. We have not
only 100-dollar cheap and easy-to-use telescope, but also 1000-dollar top-level product.
It has a very high cost performance ratio in each grade.

Top riflescope:FFP-SF 4-16X50 and 5-25X56
Tube diameter 34mm
All cnc machining
Chinese police sniper

Full electronic control 300bar(4500PSI) oil-less high pressure air Compressor

We use an oil-less structure to build this compressor for air filling of Precharged Pneumatic air guns. It’s very quiet, easy to maintain and delivering extremely clean airs. All sensor spots are made of gold, guarantee all detective data accurate. Depending on these data the compressor will be automatically shut down when it is over heat or over-voltage. It is the combination of the highest integration and technology in the existing compact compressor for Precharged Pneumatic air guns.

Small and light
Handcart design is convenient to move
Silent designing quieter than most electric compressors
Water cooling and air cooling
Overheat automatic protection

Oil less design easy maintenance and clean
Full electronic control
Excellent CNC processing

Match grade mount

All CNC processes are made by very strong aluminium alloy.
The error is controlled at 0.0003 inch world-class level.

High performance slincer

It can control 70fpe powerful air gun noise at about 70dB

Special big bore bullet

.72 caliber 900gr hollow point slug