New For 2020


THE FURY is a fantastic bigbore Precharged Pneumatic Air rifle inspired by AEA PRECISION AIRGUN COMPANY. It is designed as a bullpup model. Although we use 28 inches or even 30 inches barrel, it still has a short overall length in order to obtain enough accelerating time for higher velocity and power delivering.

Meanwhile we improved the structure of the valve and the air delivering path. Make sure the pellet velocity accelerating is smooth to achieve better accuracy.

We upgrade the magazine structure of Fury in order to bring better automatically shooting experience without pellet jammed. This new designed magazine is aiding the automatically shooting accuracy as well.

The totally new designed cocking handle system can be switched freely between automatic shooting mode and single shooting. With adjustable regulator, Fury is super accurate in single shot mode. Switch to semiautomatic shooting mode, It has excellent accuracy as well. Just for fun, you can also switch to fully automatic shooting mode.

Compared to Terminator .357 Cal Semi-auto shooting air rifle, Fury is more powerful than the Terminator. Fury delivers 250FPE energy for each single shot pellet or even heavy slugs for long-range shooting. Up to .50 Cal Maximum, Fury delivers destructive kinetic energy.

Single shot, semi-automatic shooting, full-automatic and high-power delivering, Fury is unprecedented. It will bring you an extraordinary experience in the biggame hunting.


Caliber:                           .35/9mm cal  
Mass Weight:                       8.5LBS
Cocking System:                    Side LEVEL ACTION
Barrel:                            28 inches
 Length:                           39 inches 
Magazine:                          8 RD
Air Capacity:                      550cc
Air Cylinder:                      Carbon fiber
Max Safe Filling Pressure :        4500PSI
Shots Per Fill:                    8+ good shots WITH   150GR SLUG
                                   16+  good shots WITH 75GR PELLET
Muzzle Energy:                     300fpe/400 joules  WITH   150GR SLUG
                                   150fpe/200 joules WITH 75GR PELLET
Velocity:                          350FPS    WITH   150GR SLUG
                                   950 FPS   WITH 75GR PELLET
OPTICS RAIL:                       Picatinny rail


  • BIG BROE: .30CAL TO .82CAL
  • Light Or Bullpup Or Floding
  • Long Range & Benchrest & Target
  • Semi-Auto & Fully-Auto & 3-Burst