About Us


AEA is a totally different company to produce modern precharged pneumatic air guns. We bring a totally new users' experience to all customers that who buy any of our air guns. In AEA AIRGUNS' genes, user experience comes first. All innovation, designs and precision Engineer CNC machining serve the new users' experience. The invention of computer is the extension of human thoughts, the appearance of automobile is the extension of human action ability, The iPhone has changed people's experience of using mobile phone, and the AEA air guns will bring more detailed and totally new user experience to all customers. Our highly skilled AEA teams are constantly bringing surprised creations to our customers around the world. We created the world most powerful .22 caliber pistol WASP, the lightest air rifle Element with 40ft power in the world only 2.8 LBS, the most accurate mass-production long range shooting air rifle Trident, the most powerful mass-production air rifle ZEUS .72 caliber in the world over 1500ft/2000 Joules, the most powerful semi-auto air rifle Terminator .357 caliber and We will give you more than those in the future.

No matter you are world competition champions, professional vermin controller, air gun experts or normal air gunners. Our dream is to let all the people in the world who love air guns own an air gun that they can't part with simply.

With new technology always pushing the limits of what is possible. But our ultimate goal is to give our customers a totally new experience ever before.


Website: www.aeaairgun.com
Email: aeaairgun@gmail.com
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