2.8 LBS!The lightest PCP rifle with 40ft power in the world

All of parts made of the high performance carbon fiber and magnesium alloy by CNC machining, 18 inches Lothar Walther barrel, Integral shroud silencer, 3200 psi max fill pressure .All this ensures the power and accuracy whereas the weighs only 3 pounds. You can even manipulate it with a single hand.You can't find other close PCP could intead such a shooting performance. And when we pure the light weight we don't give up quality. CNC metal is used in all structural parts that require precision and strength. In order to ensure precision, a lot of parts still use hard copper withlarge weight.After folding,it can be easily put into the backpack. The super lightweight and good performance will be the best choice to you when you hiking hunting .


velocity: .  177 1300FPS  10  GR
                   .22  1100FPS  14.3GR
                   .25  900FPS   24  GR
You can adjust to 900-950FPS with right weight pellet
energy:   40ft/52joule
magazine: .177 12shots
                   .22  10shots
                   .25  8shots
Barrel Length :18" barrel
Integral shroud 
folding stock
3200 psi max fill pressure
Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 70 yds away


  • Light Or Bullpup Or Floding
  • Pellets & Arrow Launch