The most accuracy mass production long ranger PCP in the world.

TRIDENT is a large power PCP based on the electromagnetic valve. The combination of electromagnetic valves and our high stability air regulator can maintain high stability at large power output. And the power is adjustable. Great energy allows a shooter to shoot a larger ballistic bullet. Take advantage of long-range shooting or benchrest match. We tested the precision of the TRIDENT get 5 shots group of 200yards in 1-0.5MOA in the outdoor conventional condition with the high precision barrel of the custom class competition. What's more interesting is whether you can choose single or semi-automatic mode. Greatly increased playability. TRIDENT extends the hunting range of traditional air guns from 100 yards to 200 yards. when you select´╝îit will easy to refresh your own previous record of the gun hunting distance.


velocity: .22  950FPS   40 GR
                  .25  880FPS   45 GR        
energy:   80ft/108joule
magazine: .22  12shots
                  .25  10shots       
Barrel Length :28" match class custom 
                   high precision barrel
500cc tank
electromagnetic valve
Single shot ,semi automatic free switch. 
Removable bottle with pressure
air regulator
4500 psi max fill pressure
Integral shroud


  • Light Or Bullpup Or Floding
  • Long Range & Benchrest & Target